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Fest and Fairs of Jaunsar

2017-12-09 0 comments

Bissu: Bissu is spring fest falls in month april. This is celebrated near of shankrant of baishak comes to restore vigour, vitality and strength and to set the villager ready for the ensuing harvesting season. This is bloom of spring and lusty tree of red rhododendron against the background of white snow provide joyful sense for celebration .The festival is celebrate in the name of God Mahasu and Silgur, god of sheep is worshiped. Preparation of fest being start long before of the day. General cleaning house taking place and fresh stock of liquor are brewed which should last up to next fest Mond.

Bissu…the festival occasion serves to replenish their stock of domestic goods and house hold material .

Bow and arrow:On Bissu fest a event of bow and arrows is played. Men make a strong bow and arrows,which required for the mock fight which are an essential part of this festival old socks ,woolen pads for legs, and other material for this purpose are taken out and repair made men try to keep their old weapon intact, year to year but this are made a new for younger person. This is a kind of arena the game partner are selected randomly for mock fight. This fight bring a new charm for audience.

Sankrant : This is the first day of month have special significance .early in the morning the bajgi announces the day with beat drum. Young boys go to jungle to bring Burans flower. They make garlands of the Burans flower and place them at the door of their house After placing garland on door and on village temple the entire village gather in aangan to dance.Bada bisu is the main day of celebration at this day entire village goes out in a procession to some open spot. Other village is also gather here and celebrate Bissu. In the evening all are collected at village aangan to dance.