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Hanol Chakrata

2017-12-29 0 comments

Located at an elevation of 1429 mts. and 186 kms from Dehradun. Hanol is a small village about 15kms ahead of Tiuni, located on the bank of Tons river. It has the 9th century stone temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known here as Mahashu Devta.

In the Mahabharat era, King Duryodhan entered the area after travelling through Kashmir and Kullu. He liked the area so much that he wanted to settle down here. So he prayed to Mahasu Devta at Hanol for a piece of land. The Deity accepted his pleas and made him the king of the area. He made Jakholi his capital village and a temple in the village has his idol and is dedicated to him. The king is said to still roam around the area of Har-Ki-Dun and his spirit sometimes enters a person who is then known as Maali. All disputes in the area if not sorted out by the local village headman, are referred to the Maali. In more recent history, King Akbar used to frequent the Hanol temple. From May 26, 2004 the temple reversed its age-old custom of not allowing women to worship inside and sacrificing animals. The last sacrifice was held on 25th May 2004.It is believed that the deity appeared in the dream of a devout and ordered him to allow entry of women and stop sacrifices inside the temple after May 25.